Oven in North Carolina


Jim, These photos are from a customer* in North Carolina.


I called the customer, who had some complaints about the "kit". He made it work but was reluctant to be any part of our using his pictures to promote our product. His main complaint was that the oven components did not fit together well. In particular the tunnel didn't fit into the dome well, leaving gaps as much as two or three inches which they filled with brick and mortar. Also the flue opening in the 18" tunnel was cut toward the dome side of the tunnel rather than the entrance side which made it impossible to push the door far enough back to close off the flue.

I agree that the flue should be toward the front as shown in the picture of the prototype at http://www.rumford.com/oven/index.htm although I may have thought differently at one point, thinking the flue and tunnel edge had to be covered with 4" of brick.


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