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Cecilia Thaxter Rumford


The mason tells me that the fireplace is original, and as was the custom would have been covered (as in you home page photo of a Rumford), It would have been boarded up when it was no longer used to heat the floor.

This building was many things in the years since its original construction (1795-1810) as a single family home. It is the birthplace of New Hampshire's poet Cecilia Thaxter. In 1988 the building was converted to 4 condo units and a retail shop on the first and basement level.

The mason tells me it has not been sandblasted (as is sometimes done when the brick is very soiled). only spots of repair, so it is mostly as it was the day the last bit of mortar was applied.

In this area there are many Rumford style fireplaces, from small homes as this was to some of the more opulent along the coast. Ruth Nugen

Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
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