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Siber House, Beijing, China

The house is absolutely stunning and also a wonderful design for a large family to live in without everyone getting underfoot. Currently our census is 14 people. Everyone has their private space and there are common spaces (dining room and playroom) where we congregate, watch Olympics or play ping pong, have meals etc. Our North House is very luxurious with a large living space with eastern and western sides, a large bedroom and a study. The western side of the LR has a Rumford fireplace. I'll send interior pictures later.

The outside of the house is painted in the traditional style which you see on the in the attached photos. There are about 40 oil paintings. The courtyard design provides a wonderful sense of quietness and privacy. Our 2nd cousin, who has functioned as the GC and our architects in China and the US have done an extraordinary job merging traditional and modern design and building methods. The four sunken courtyards in the corners of the main courtyard provide great light and ventilation for the downstairs. A lot of local builders, developers and architects have visited the house and declared it one of the most beautiful in the city.

One great side effect of the Olympics is that more than half the cars are off the road and local industries are shut down. Trucks are restricted to a few hours at night. Consequently the air is almost pristine and we don't need our fancy air purification system (which is a good thing since they forgot to install the high efficiency filters). Skies are generally blue and we had the most beautiful full moon on the 16th!

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