Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007
From: Byron Savage
To: Sriram Kalaga

Dear Mr. Kalaga,

Thank you for writing. I presume that you got my address from the Rumford fireplace web site. I do not work for them, but I am happy to give you all my best advice. This, even as it is said that "free advice is worth its price!"

Do I assume that by "Outdoor-Indoor" fireplace that you mean that this fireplace is open to BOTH outdoors AND indoors? If so, the wind will doubtless blow unwanted smoke into the interior of the building. This, no matter what design the interior of the fireplace has.

A two-sided fireplace whether between two interior rooms OR between the interior and the outside is ALWAYS courting disaster. They can sometimes work with glass doors on both sides with special intake air ventilation built into the floor of the burning area. Even that kind is often a disaster, and by the time you find out for sure, it is already cast in stone!

If by "Outdoor-Indoor" you mean TWO fireplaces, they each will work fine if each one has only ONE front opening. In every case, the Rumford design is easy to build and if the construction instructions are followed will virtually guarantee the the smoke is ALL drawn up the chimney. Never will the mantle be blackened by unwanted smoke into the room.

If the Hindus have a traditional shape to the exterior of the fireplaces expected, that is merely a matter of stylization of the outside design of the fireplace as it relates to the wall upon which it sits. In such case, the Rumford again will prove foolproof. The Rumford burns the most efficiently, hotter, and will assure the best possible retention of the cleanest ash.

Feel free to inquire further. I am happy to help.

Yours truly,
AUSTIN TEXAS 78733-3182
(512) 531-9428

PS: Our VERY dynamic and interesting home featuring RUMFORD fireplaces will be seen on national TV.

Show Alert:
"Homes Across America" on cable/satellite's HGTV network will play again the feature on our home, Villa Millennium, here in Austin.

September 24, 2007 10:30 AM ET/PT [9:30 AM Central Time] "Environmentally-Friendly Living In Texas;
This episode features a Texas house that is a contemporary home with environmentally-friendly features combined with classic design details."

There are two other homes shown in this half-hour episode, one in Oklahoma and one in California. Stay tuned (or recorded) to the end segment of the show because the moderator, Joe Ruggiero, comes back to speak about our Texas home.

Hope that you can catch the show!



We are planning on installing a 24-hour, perpetual burning fireplace -- "Dhuni" -- at the new Hindu Temple in Virginia. The unit is expected to use wood, oil and other materials to make holy ash during prayers.

What type of system do you recommend? Thanks for your help.


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