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Rodd Ryckman
Six Foot Tall - four Foot Wide Rumford

Rodd Ryckman
889 Brookfield Dr.
Vancouver Island, BC
250 591 4492, cell 250 714 3335

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Here is a 6 ft Rumford built in Port Alberni, 2 ft flue liners that Santa could actually fit down, lol this thing is huge, the building inspector said that the fireplace half the oxygen in the building if the fresh air vents were closed, I used to build 2-3 of these a year with Peter but am no longer with him, I would love to build another one on my own. Alot of fun and hard work, makes it all worth while!!!!!

    Jim Buckley It's six feet tall but, what, only four feet wide? I think it's great. I hope you will be able to post a picture when it's finished with a fire in it.

Rodd Colin Thomas Ryckman - This is what it was planned look like the finish marble from China, insane to me, the building inspector said that this would use half the oxygen in the room to run, the flue is massive!!! would I build this in my house ? no. you would need 4 ft high logs or bigger.

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