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Rob Quigley


Our place is finally almost finished. Wanted to share our first fire with you. Wow, it worked like magic.

Thanks for all of your help and good advice!

First Fire Movie

    Great! Thank you, Rob.

    By the way, how tall is that fireplace? Looks to be about four feet tall and only 30" or 36" wide. May I use your movie as an example on our tall fireplace openings page?

    Warm regards,

Good eye, it's 30" wide and 47 1/2" tall. You based the flue pieces on the height and it really draws well. No smoke at all in the room.

You are welcome to use the video. Credit architecture to "Rob Quigley Architects F.A.I.A." I'll send a day shot in a few months when we get moved in.

Thanks again for all of your help,


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