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To: Jim Buckley
From: khyber easton
Subject: a couple of photos


We've just started the rumfords here, and so far so good. These photos are of the pour (or shoot) of the base and the form we built to stack the firebox against which doubles as a support for the bricks when we cast the body of the fireplace. I left you a message today just trying to clarify that the ceramic paper is only applied to the smoke chamber and the flue liners. I hope that's the case as I didn't put any on the firebox or the throat. hope to hear from you soon. More photos to come.

Your friend,
Khyber Easton


Glad to hear from you. I'm excited about your project and look forward to seeing the project to completion through your pictures.

Since you didn't wrap the paper around the firebox and throat, I will declare that just right. On the Japanese job at http://www.rumford.com/Konosu2.html I did wrap the box and throat but I wasn't sure whether to put the paper against the firebrick or build a backup wythe and then the paper. Anyway we have never had a thermal expansion failure in the firebox or throat area. I think, if the firebox does expand, it crushes the corners and does no damage to the surrounding masonry. The throat is made with an exotic clay that actually shrinks when heated so that should be okay too.

Your firebox is way more well crafted than mine ever were. Did you carpenters have fun laying the firebrick? I think you did a good job but the wet trades are faster, messier and less precise than carpentry so it's not always and easy transition.

Any narratives you care to add are welcome, including information about the PISE system. I've long been an admirer of David's REW.

Warm regards,
Jim Buckley

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