Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
Full Circle Bison Ranch

Two Rumfords, concrete core, paper wrapped flues, massive stonework.


from: Full Circle Bison Ranch
to: buckley@rumford.com
date: Jan 15, 2010
subject: Double Rumford Design

Hi Jim,

I am Tobias Hatfield located in southern Oregon. (You helped my dad, Toby Hatfield, with his pair of back to back rumfords at his house in Brays Isand South Carolina)

I am building a house that has two Rumfords within the same stone mass . We are interested in purchasing a throat, a firebox, and a damper for each fireplace from Superior Clay.

A large stone mass, trapezoid in shape, in the center of the house will contain both fireplaces (great room and kitchen) as well as a stone stairwell. This same stone mass will bear the load of 7 main beams that splay out from it.

I am wanting to get your opinion as to .... (See "consulting" for details)

Full Circle Bison Ranch
320 Caves Camp Road
Williams, OR 97544
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