Thanks Mike. I put your pictures and kind note on line at http://www.rumford.com/Dinneen.html with a link from your listing and our endorsements page. The stone work looks really good.

Couple of questions:

1) Which one of our dealers did you use and were you well served?

2) Why didn't the smoke chamber fit? Looks as if it would. You can trim it pull it forward and lean it, you know.

I'd be interested in your comments or maybe even a construction process picture if you took any.

I really appreciate the picture. We don't have many of corner fireplaces. Thanks again.

Jim Buckley

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Mike Dinneen


Hey jim , I got the three segmented throat tiles at basalite, used to be builders masonry products, All they had was a few sets of 16 by 20 smoke chambers no one in town had the 12 by 12 in stock. Basalite had these few items from Custom Masonry as he got downsized. Anyway I couldnt wait as my wife is nearing her due date, I had to finish and get the house back in order.

although you cant really tell i did have to maintain 2 inch clearance around everything.. But everything worked well the trusses couldnt have been better going through the roof went fine. thanks again....................

mike, cornerstone masonry.

And in 2010 a Happy Customer

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